jdmyprez (jdmyprez) wrote in civil_war_rebel,

Busy Month

This is shaping up to be a busy month. This Wednesday evening I will be giving a lecture in Salisbury,MD regarding the history of the 21st Misssissippi Volunteer Infantry. On the 15th I will be in Baltimore,MD addressing the convention of Sons of Confederate Veterans from Maryland,Delaware, Northern Virginia, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. On the 29th I will be in St. Louis,MO where I will be finishing up auction school and while I am there (until November 5th), I have an appointment to give a lecture on the raids of Quantrill to a group of Daughter's of the Confederacy members. I kind of feel like I am adopting the travel schedule of a Rock Star, but I see no groupies :-). I know you guys are restricted by school schedules and the like but if you and/or your parents would ever liked to attend a lecture I am giving than please let me know and I will keep you all updated about my schedule. I am bound to be near you at some point.
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