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I am alive!

Hi all,
Sorry for having not been on lately. I have found myself quite busy... I did get some good news, my first book is scheduled to be published on July 1st of 2006.. will keep you updated if you would like to know more about it.. stay tuned for more Random Crap (unless you guys are so tired of it you want to kill me by now)
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Woa--what's it on?? Please do keep posting! Most of us are really busy with school, and your posts are absolutly fascinating.
I currently have three books ready to print. The one that they choose to do first is a collection of odd stories associated with the war (sort of like a long book version of my "Random Crap" posts). It will contain stuff such as: a battle that was stopped because of a Tornado, how men that were killed in North West Virginia managed to make it to Washington D.C. within two days without a single living man touching them, The odd behavior of Stonewall Jackson, How one man got out of being executed by giving an enemy officer the finger, ect!. The one which I presume will be next is about the war as it relates to Eastern Maryland. The third (which is up in the air at the moment) is about my highly researched theory regarding the true reason Lee invaded Pennsylvania in the summer of 1863 (a hint - think about Navy Ships and Trains). I am working on several others at the moment. One about the Freemasons in the Civil War, another is a reprint of one my ancestors diaries (he was killed at Gettysburg), this will include his diary entry followed by a complete historical perspective written by myself to tell the story behind the entry. I am currently kicking around a few more ideas but have not started them yet. I also have one that was self published when I was 17 that has nothing to do with history and will probably never see the light of a publishing house. It is entitled "The Encyclopedia of Herpetology". I used work in that field but had to quit because it would never have allowed me to raise a family.
YAY! I can't wait to read. I've been busy too and I'm currently not doing well in math, so I have to raise my grade up, so I won't be posting for a bit.
Good luck raising your grade. I was terrible at Math (although quite a bit of that was from an admited lack of trying). When the book is published you will have ample chance to read it as I will be sending you both (the only two who I have ever seen post anything) a comlimentary copy. :-)
Thanks. =)I can't wait to see it. I have geometry this year and it's pretty hard. I understand it now, I just have to draw pictures. I'm also asking my teacher for extra help.