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Random Useless Crap #2

So when do you officially know that a song is powerful? Harry McCarthy knew his song, The Bonnie Blue Flag, was when halfway through the song a fist fight broke out because people became "too excited". If you try, you can almost imagine that glamarous stage in 1861 New Orleans, Louisiana. The crowd was composed of some of the cities best and brightest along with police officers, prostitutes, and members of the Texas infantry who were taking a rest of several days after their long hard march east from the Lonestar State. The crowd is fairly silent when all of a sudden a man of medium build with dark hair slowly walks from stage right. It does not take long for the crowd to notice that he is wearing the uniform of a Confederate Officer and this brings a loud, yet polite applause from all corners of the building. The man, who the crowd knows is Harry McCarthy, opens his mouth and a booming voice lets out the words: "We are a band of brothers
and native to the soil
fighting for our liberty
with treasure blood, and toil
and when our rights were threatened,
the cry rose near and far
hurrah for the Bonnie Blue Flag
that bears a single star!"

With this the crowd erupted with applause and whistles. Most notable of the bunch were members of the Texas Infantry (who having probably had too much to drink) were not only hooting and hollering but standing on their chairs waving their caps wildly above their heads. In a few moments the crowd again calmed down and Harry McCarthy continued : "Hurrah!
for Southern rights, hurrah!
hurrah for the Bonnie Blue Flag
that bears a single star."

The crowd again erupted in the same fashion and the Texas infantry became even more boisterous. One Private in particular got the attention of the officers of his brigade and they ordered him to calm down. Eventually he did and the performance continued : "As long as the Union
was faithful to her trust
like friends and brethren,
kind were we, and just
but now, when Northern treachery
attempts our rights to mar
we hoist on high the Bonnie Blue Flag
that bears a single star"

It was at this point that several ladies of New Orleans, filled with emotion, jumped upon the stage and rushed at Harry McCarthy. The first young woman to reach him grabbed him and gave him a kiss. The crowd was again cheering and the kiss made them cheer even louder. The Texas men would again erupt into near hysteria as the same young woman grabbed a "Bonnie Blue Flag" and began dancing and waving the flag about. Amidst the fanfare, Harry McCarthy continued his performance: "First gallant South Carolina
nobly made the stand
then came Alabama
and took her by the hand
next, quickly Mississippi,
georgia, and Florida
all raised on high the Bonnie Blue Flag
that bears a single star."

Yet again the crowd erupted with enthusiasm at the stirring rendention by Harry McCarthy and the fervent flag waving by this young fan of his. The Texas men were again on their chairs letting out cheers and whistles which yet again prompted their officers to command them to sit down. They eventually did, including the same Private who had been ordered earlier and the song continued: "Ye men of valor gather
round the banner of the right
Texas and fair Louisiana
join us in the fight
Davis, our loved President,
and Stephens statesmen are
now rally round the Bonnie Blue Flag
that bears a single star."

That was the final straw for these Texans who totally lost it. Being fed up with the crowd, members of the New Orleans police department began to approach the Texas troops, starting with the first young Private who had been singled out. They grabbed him and attempted to pull him from his chair. The texas enlisted mena nd officers saw this and became enraged. They started throwing chairs at the New Orleans police and the police responded with gunfire in the air. Their gunfire was met with gunfire and fists to the face from the Texas troops. Even though a minuature riot had broken out in the theatre, the cheers continued even among the combatants. Through all the gunfire could be heard the roaring chants "Long live the Confederacy" and "CSA". Even though the audience was demanding more, Harry McCarthy was forced to leave the stage or else the riots would grow in proportion. As for his young flag waving assistant.. they ended up getting married later that year.
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