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x About You x
Name: Rebby
Nicknames: Rebby
Location:Houston, Texas
Birthday: Feb. 6 [Same day as J.E.B. Staurt =3]
Zodiac Sign:Aquarius
Interests/Hobbies: History, reading,slowly saving money to start reenacting XD;;
Orientation and relationship status: Asexual, and happily single
Describe Yourself In 5 words: Intelligent, easily amused, wacky, and bouncy
What is one positive thing and one negative thing about you?:
-P- I tend to be pretty laid back about most things - and, unless you hit a few specific buttons I'm amazingly hard to rile up
-N-I tend to have verbal diarrhea ^^;;
Any talents: Define talent?

How long have you been into history and the civil war:
As long as I can remember, for history, as for the civil war since I was in 8th grade/
What made you get into history and the civil war?
History kinda seems like the ultimate story me, I guess, and the way everything ends up intertwining somehow fascinates me. The civil war fascinates me because for one, I like the time period as a whole, and for another reason, it still has some lasting effects nowdays.
x Favorites x

3 favorite wars
1. Civil War
2. Texas Revolution
3. American Revolution
[Lots of rebelling ^^;;]
Miscallaneous History favorites
1. Henry VIII
2.Al Capone

Favorite Civil War Generals
1. Albert Sidney Johnston
2. Robert E. Lee

Favorite bands/ singers
1. Lonestar
3.Buddy Holly
5.Elton John
6.Corrine May
8.Bill Withers
9.Gwen Stefani
10.Aimee Mann

Favorite songs
1.Little Tornado - Aimee Mann
2.Lean On Me - Bill Withers
3.Little Superhero Girl - Corrine May
4.Tap That - Megan McCauley
5.King of Anything - Sara Bareilles

Favorite places to be
1. Texas
2. Playing my ps3
3. Mmm...I guess Washington [state]

Favorite Civil War Cities
3.Galveston [Can't forget the Trans-Mississippi theatre ;D]

x Opinions x

Gay marriages I fully support it
Gun control Ehh...I think both sides have points
Inter-racial dating/marriages Again, fully support
Death penalty It...has it's place, but I think there should be a lot more consideration before applying it
The war in Iraq I'm not for it, but we're already there so what can you do?
Religion A Catholic - though a very very bad one

x The community x

Why should we accept you? I have a passion for history, and I enjoy learning/discussing it
Will you be active and participate in themes and voting exc. I certainly hope so
What made you apply here? Again XD;; I love history, and the Civil War in particular.

Lastly, post a picture or two of yourself. Don't worry, we don't judge you by appearance.
I'd...really rather not.
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