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 hiya :). oh, so happy i found this! well uhm, let me introduce myself...
x About You x
Name: lindsey
Nicknames: linzie, leedee
Gender: girl
Location: sorry, can't say =/
Age: 15
Birthday: october 5th
Zodiac Sign: libra
Interests/Hobbies: oh tons of stuff...
Orientation and relationship status: straight ;; taken for now =]
Describe Yourself In 5 words: random, interesting, fun, likeable, and crazy.
What is one positive thing and one negative thing about you?:
-P- i love everybody unless you pxss me off.
-N- i'm not very athletic x]
Any talents: i actually play fife for my school's fife and drum corp, and we're learning how to play southern civil war songs this year... i'll elaborate more later =]

How long have you been into hisotry and the civil war: well i've always loved american history since i was in like, 3rd grade, but this past year has really gotten me interested in it because my history teacher is actually a reenactor in the civil war. he plays brigadier general porter alexander for the south =]

What amde you get into hisotry and the civil war? again, my teacher.

x Favorites x

3 favorite wars
1. gettysburg
2. bull run
3. chancellorsville

Miscallaneous History favorites
1. american revolution
2. 1812

Favorite Civil War Generals
1.porter alexander
2. lee

Favorite bands/ singers
(i like basically country, but i have other favorites)
1. keith urban
2. rascal flatts
3. big & rich
4. gary allan
5. chris young
6. linkin park
7. matchbox twenty
8. box car racer
9. johnny cash
10. forgot their names, but they sang a bunch of southern civil war songs

Favorite songs
1. faster car
2. radio
3. dixie
4. bonnie blue flag
5. rose of alabama

Favorite places to be
1. tennessee
2. virginia
3. anywhere out of the house xD

Favorite Civil War Cities
1. gettysburg
2. we went to a reenactment out in standardsville, virginia
3. richmond

x Opinions x

Gay marriages love is love i guess.
Gun control psh.
Inter-racial dating/marriages i'm not a rascist.
Death penalty sure
The war in Iraq neutral
Religion christian

x The community x

Why should we accept you? not sure. i have some insights to offer, not to mention music i could lend out.
Will you promote us? prove it with a link or two: i will post a link in my next entry, which will be in about a few minutes.
Will you be active and participate in themes and voting exc. i don't get on livejournal that much, but i will whenever i can. my computer is just plain out goofy, so it depends on the computer
What made you apply here? the fact that it's the southern side of the civil war and i'm most fascinated by it.

Lastly, post a picture or two of yourself. Don't worry, we don't judge you by appearance.
uh... sorry, again, can't do that =[.
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